About Us


After a long journey in the high end knitwear apparel business, Norma Rubin changed course and took her background and creative desire and launched Sanford Design, giving birth to a new vision in knitted home accessories. Her vision using clean lines and fresh colors was a launching pad for a breath of fresh air in fashion to the home. She continues to strive for diversity with neat stitch textures and fibers that give her the insight to create. She saw a great strength of coordinating solid textures and mixing it up with patterns and stripes, ultimately becoming her signature look.

We invite you to experience our creative desire to fulfill any retail environment, design project, or hospitality program.

From the very beginning our philosophy has been that we design in the US, we will manufacture in the US, and that’s shows in our quality and design. The dozens of patterns, textures and color combinations have been created exclusively by us. Each throw from Sanford Designs has been inspired, designed and created to exceed the ordinary and set the company aside from the rest of the crowd

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